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M&V on Earth – Episode 1 – Alterosac

Finally! The first episode of our video documentary project on initiatives that are good for the planet and its inhabitants is online!

It took time to edit it and to decide on which platform to upload it.

Youtube? Facebook?

Youtube, we would have been forced to create an umpteenth Google account that would take a lot of space in the Internet, with servers not so good for the environment.

So yes, we created a Facebook page for our project, which allows us to also have an Instagram and share many other things of our trip (such as photos in limited quantities and an audio travel book). But again, we did not want to put our videos directly on the Facebook page.

By learning about the possible alternatives, we opted for WeTube (we love the pun).

“WeTube is an innovative and eco-designed video streaming solution using peer-to-peer. Every time you watch a video on WeTube, you instantly become a point of sharing: You reduce its energy consumption and its environmental impact by replacing a data center and you contribute to improving the quality of service. Since 2015, WeTube has been offering a free, decentralized hosting service and has no revenue from advertising. “(Http://

This first episode is devoted to Alterosac, a company based in Annemasse which makes many zero waste solutions.

We thank Florence, the founder, and Romy and Audrey who welcomed us. Visit their website!

If you’re wondering what are the cool musics in this video:

Title: Pode Ser
Author: Andreia Dacal
Download (3MB):

Title: Avant L’Orage
Author: Sous Le Pont
Download (6MB):

Thanks also to Thomas Villain for his font (Subotype, OFL license)

By the way, we prefer to use free software, and at best Open Source: Hitfilm Express for editing (free) and Gimp for texts (Free and Open Source).

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